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Wooden gazebos

Gazebos Wooden gazebos designed for comfortable camping and they are usually placed in the garden or adjacent to the building territory.

Gazebos of wood decorated area of your home and you can hide from the weather. Very often in the summer house provide a place for cooking. These gazebos are usually more common garden, they are designed for a large number of people.

Wooden gazebos differ in form, appearance, way of building and materials used in construction. Our company works with high quality timber grown in Transcarpathia.


Wooden gazebos Mainly for construction we use oak, linden, spruce, pine and other local (Transcarpathia) trees. Beautiful wood texture gives the finished building emergency appeal.

We offer a variety of wooden gazebos, a log, timber, timbered block house, and so on. We can choose the design of your gazebo according to home design, in traditional style, decorated with wooden elements. We can also accommodate gazebos for certain purposes - recreation, eating, chatting.

Wood Gazebos Gazebos may be of various shapes and sizes. Since the tree is useful for the body, gazebos are becoming more popular.

We produce materials for construction gazebos with high quality wood and expose its careful handling and most prominent.

We accept orders for wooden gazebo on the layout of the customer as well as our finished projects. Wooden gazebos fit well in any garden or area near the cafe or restaurant.


Gazebos from wood Gazebos from wood often bought restaurateurs to increase the number of guests that can accommodate institution. In the warm season gazebos are widely used vacationers.

When ordering gazebos should be tailored to suit the surrounding area. For a successful design should invite experts to study area and assess its pros and cons.

Gazebos from wood Ukraine