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Wooden bath-houses

Construction of Wooden bath-houses

Construction of wooden baths Bath-house from a bar and logs - not a luxury but a state of mind. I want a bath! So begins fulfilling the desires of those who love a healthy lifestyle. Thus begins the search project for future investment in the unique fun and meeting friends. This ancient Slavic tradition - BATH !
Frankly, the same words begin and what to bath irrelevant. That name - the same, but the appointment - is another. This prestige is a business meeting, a constant attribute display material wealth.
Although both use bath-houses- compatible with one another. Wooden bath-houses - something big, healthy and desirable that so attracts and develops into a pleasant and healthy relationship.

Only experts can build things Bunny bath that will satisfy any desire amateur pair of fun. And the builder and architect and designer who is not loved to relax in the bath - not able to build a bath so as to obtain from her 100% satisfaction and health.

Wooden bath-houses No modern technology can not replace the natural beauty and practicality, which are incorporated in logs or shaped beam. And this is justified - wooden houses and baths really "live", which allows you to breathe easily and comfortably, even in the metropolis.
Projects baths with wooden logs and timber - many find them - not so difficult. Difficult to find anyone who understands the essence of using bath instead speaks perfect designing tools, visualization tools, and marketing mechanisms.
We invest in the project bath essence Bunny case and add the little desires of the customer and the construction characteristics of the region.
We offer bath projects as a separate frame and integrated into the wooden houses, one-story and two-story complexes bath area with steam room and sauna.

Wooden baths To produce wooden bath-houses WoodExpert company uses all wood construction technology: logs, profiled and Beams, wild frame. During the construction of baths, walls - is fundamental. For the construction of exterior walls is desirable to use pine or fir, because this material is more dense and fibrous, and therefore best retains heat. During the construction of interior walls (steam) bath best use alder or lime. Structure in linden moderately porous, which makes it a great value. It very well affect the lungs. Hygroscopicity lime in using it as a deal of material for building baths no equal as it can quickly heat up and cool down without changing at the same time, its geometry and color. And alder is very stable in direct contact with water, ideally in the construction of the pair, where high humidity. Build bath, usually made of logs, the optimal diameter which is the size of 18-24 cm, which is taken for the thickness of the walls, so they do not lose heat. Traditionally, construction begins in spring. Only by following proper techniques, building bath, you can get durable construction.

Projects of wooden bath-houses

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