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Construction of wooden houses

Wooden houses


Construction of wooden houses

The main focus of the company WoodExpert is Construction of wooden houses . Wooden houses can be made of : logs , profiled beam , laminated veneer lumber , та Wild srub .

Wooden houses spectacular look like in nature and significantly adorn gray cityscapes. Wooden houses meet high standards of health promotion, have good insulating properties, so that the tree has a low thermal conductivity.

Wooden houses Accuracy of wooden parts have designs not only strength, but also serves as the basis for heat conservation. Thus, the wall thickness of the wooden house of 15 cm has a thermal resistance as a brick wall 50 cm is why the wooden house warm in winter and cool in summer. Wooden wall warm to the touch and creates a sense of thermal comfort. That is why wooden houses cozy and warm in winter, and in summer they have a pleasant coolness.

Anyone who has ever slept in a wooden house with a deck, a familiar sense of ease when awakening. We also know that to fully restoring sleep in a wooden house to a few hours less than brick or panel.

Heat Wooden houses perhaps a few hours, even if they are not heated all winter. Weight designs wooden house in general is 5 times smaller than brick, so does not require massive foundation construction and heavy construction equipment.

Wooden houses Advantages of wooden houses:  
- Wooden houses are built very quickly;
- There are environmentally friendly;
- Warmest of all types of buildings;
- Long-lasting;
- Economical in care;
- Thickness of the logs or what not limited.

Wooden houses look classically and traditionally, emphasizing the natural conclusion of proven reliability centuries. Wood emphasizes comfort large respectable cottages, grace small buildings from a bar for young families, uniqueness and beauty of houses or hunting lodges.

Wooden houses

- Wooden houses from round logs
- Wooden houses from profiled beam
- Wooden log
- Houses made ​​of wood
- Wooden cottages

Projects of wooden houses

Wooden houses

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