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Wooden beds

Company WoodExpert offers you the wooden beds with beech wood.

wooden beds
If you are looking for a bed, an excellent solution could be a bed of beech wood. As you know, we spend a lot of time in a dream, it is so important to pay attention to their bunks.

Beds from the array known for their environmental performance, which is especially important in our time. Sleeping on this bed will be healthy and strong. In addition to their high environmental properties beds with shield or beech wood quite durable and reliable. This bed will serve you for years to come.

wooden bed
Recently, high-tech style pretty tired and increasingly popular in the interior is classic or ethnic style, which is unthinkable without natural materials. In this case a bed of wood is the perfect solution for your bedroom.

Wooden bed just be the best choice for a child's bedroom. Unlike plastic or plywood beds, beds with trees positively affect your child's dream to create the most favorable conditions for recreation.

tables in the bedroom Modern beds with beech – this is a good purchase for any bedroom. They are original, elegant and due to favorable natural structure contribute to a pleasant stay. Our luxury bed solid wood made from the array beech wood and furniture board. For their use in coloring varnishes and paints that are certified and meet all environmental standards.

If you purchased a wooden bed with beech wood can be guaranteed to say that your sleep will be strong and will quickly regain strength and improve health. Choosing bedside tables wooden bed can bezproblem find what is right for you. The variety of colors, textures and geometry will make your bedroom truly comfortable and stylish.

bedside tables in the bedroom - most necessary attrybut bedroom. It contains all the necessary things that should be on hand in your bedroom. Is it hidden inside, or placed on top of tables. They are simply irreplaceable nothing.


children's beds Cots with beech wood - to the crib we make very stringent requirements. Design beds must be, above all, stable and reliable, smooth, rounded corners - it's what ensures the safety of the child.

For making beds only use euros panels beech wood. It is not only prestige, it is primarily the health of our children. Their natural and bright color is taken as a basis brand of colorful scale. Also we have the opportunity and make your bed and another color that will suit to the interior childrens room.

children's bed Our children's beds from the array beech give warmth, harmony and comfort of your home. In addition, we offer only the best children's beds from 3 years. Our children's furniture made ​​of wood will delight you and your child.