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Wooden Playgrounds It's no secret that active play outdoors strengthen the body and healthy kids affect its organic growth. But it is imperative to have little brats-site locations, where they can safely curious and use their free time.

Wooden Playgrounds
Our company can not only convert ordinary playgrounds into a work of art and engineering that will help your child well and to the benefit of his development to spend your free time, but also give you a sense of calm for the duration of her stay on the street. We offer a full range of products for an active and developing children's activities: sandboxes , swings , children slide , carousels , children's playing complexes and much more. No less attention to our company pays and gym complex for older children. Also produce equipment for landscaping, so thatchildren slide in it can feel comfortable not only children but also their accompanying adults.

Playground We offer you:

- playing complexes
- children slide
- swings
- carousels
- cars
- sandboxes
- children's houses
- gymnastic complexes

Playground Wooden playgrounds our production can have a different configuration and style. The main entertainment and decorative function take game forms. Complementing them are the traditional Wooden swings , sandboxes , children slide and Kids wooden houses , which are so fond of play with children. We manufacture gaming systems for street and giving from the traditional material - wood. In order to serve it as long as it is processed by special tool.

In preparing the project accomplishment playground, park or square, we always take into consideration all suggestions and wishes of our customers. Each order is treated individually, taking into account into account the number and age of children, funding, local landscape. We are in no way limit the imagination of our customers - children should be happy childhood, and we are always ready to help them in this.

playing complexes To produce playgrounds WoodExpert company uses all wood construction technology:
- Round logs ;
- profiled beam ;
- Whild log-house ;
- Glued laminated logs .