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Fireplaces, mangals

angals The company WoodExpert produces fireplaces and mangals for home and Garden. Mangals < can be made on an individual design, displayed separately or integrated into altaky and summerhouses, under a canopy in koplekti and style of garden furniture.

we also making fireplaces with brick, stone, marble, finished with wood or hammering.

Mangal at the cottage will become an indispensable companion in cooking tasty dishes. This is the main attribute culinary pursuits, without barbecue just can not imagine no feast outdoors.

mangal In the true connoisseurs of beauty and quality widely popular korystytuyutsya forged barbecues. Modern barbecues are made with all fixtures for cooking delicious barbecue.

Special comfort and adds presence suburban barbecue gazebo or canopy. To give the most optimal fit stationary iron grill, which is more than capable of storing heat and evenly distribute it in the preparation of meat and fish dishes.


Fireplace If oboruduvaty grill grate can even barbecue and adding wheels, grill becomes mobile and easy to move to different places, for example if the weather goes bad, it rains or strong wind rises.

Therefore, no devious tricks nature can not spoil you and your friends a fun and festive mood and prevent cooking delicious dinner.


Fireplace Fireplaces of bricks are very reliable. Pre-ordering the design of the fireplace, you see, which will result. You can show all your imagination! Columns, arochky, niches, capitals, carved ornaments etc. Colour fireplace can be almost any!

If a brick fireplace insert glass dverku, change the system chimney, fireplace into a furnace with a high efficiency.

Do not like brick fireplace - book the fireplace with marble! Furnace of the fireplace can be made of brick, and can be cast-iron. Depending on the furnace, our experts advise that you better buy chimney.
Our artists will make a fireplace of your dreams!