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Glued laminated logs

Construction of wooden houses from glued laminated logs.

оцилындрована колода
Wooden houses from glued beams have several advantages, but at the same time and disadvantages. This technology for more than thirty years, and it appeared through technology such as high-pressure bonding dry boards (slats).

advantages of this technology are to fit rims density and low thermal conductivity. The main drawback is that, unlike solid timber, the integrity of the timber.

The positive side of the house of laminated veneer lumber:

- Minimum humidity;
- Insignificant, compared to the logs and integral bar, shrinkage (about 3%). Because shrinkage occurs slats in different directions. Low shrinkage advantage when, for example, bay and stained glass;
- If the maximum length of a solid bar of about six meters, laminated board reaches 12 meters. This expands the design possibilities of wooden houses and enables you to create interesting architectural forms;

The negative side of the house of laminated veneer lumber:
- because of the use of glue wooden house less environmentally friendly;
- Permeability of air is much less than the whole timber;
- The high price;