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You want to become a garden for you favorite holiday destination? Create ekzotchesky island with palm trees and waterfalls, stone garden in the Japanese style, the African area in your own backyard - make a reality of your every desire quickly, professionally and at a reasonable price can easily our experts in landscape design.

WoodExpert offers an integrated approach to landscape design. We combine landscaping dekoratinih using such elements as: gazebos , arbours , Wooden bridges , boxes and flower stands .

We offer a range of services to create the landscape of your dreams:

- Landscape design and designing gardens and parks;
- Planting trees and shrubs;
- Creating different types of flower beds;
- Device of lawns;
- Creating flower beds
- Create rockeries, rock;
- Creating ponds, cascades, streams (with illumination, or not)
- Area improvement

Creating a garden that will delight you and your family, always begins with landscape design. Design work can be started at any time of the year to early spring on the finished project to start building your dream garden. At the stage of design work carried out site visits, a breakdown of the proposed garden into zones, schematic design, etc.

During the project work is made a master plan dendroplan, grading plan, scheme drainage and irrigation systems, the circuit paths and platforms, lighting scheme, the project reservoir, sketches of flower beds, visualization, cost estimates, etc.


The next stage of landscape design - directly landscaping, which include:

- site preparation (cleaning debris, improving existing plantations);
- Work on the creation of an artificial relief or alignment of existing)
           - Directly landscaping and beautification device (drainage and storm sewer, installation of illumination and irrigation, the device tracks and platforms, creating ponds, installation gazebos , playgrounds , bridges , fences);
- Landscaping (planting of trees and shrubs, lawns and flower beds, creating rockeries, rock gardens, vertical gardening, hedges, etc.).

The final stage -the most that takes decades. This is your pleasure we created the garden!