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Round logs

Houses made ​​of round logs

round logs Round logs - the best building material for the construction of wooden budinkiv.Na contrast to laminated board, there is no adhesive components. These houses do not require artificial cooling, because the tree all the time "breathes". The volume of air flowing through the walls, is 30% or more. House of logs supports optimal indoor humidity and oxygen balance. The tree also has a low thermal conductivity. This material is very popular in the construction of a variety of log cabins: private wooden houses, restaurants, hotels, spas, gazebos and many other objects.
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Profiled beam

Houses made of profiled beam

profiled beam
Profiled beam - eco-friendly material, as well as round logs is one hundred percent solid wood. In the manufacture of such a bar do not use any glue or other chemicals. Due to the special shape of the profile it is superior to round logs for warmth. If compared to laminated board, then shaped timber is intact internal structure of the tree, so that the house "breathe". Even with the doors and windows closed, the air in this wooden house is always clean, fresh, and full of flavor tree.
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Wild log-house

Wild log-houses

wild log-house

Construction of wooden houses from the wild log house is ancient. This material, thanks to modern technology has a unique density and is well suited for building, like a small wooden baths, and for residential, tourist and leisure facilities. Appearance of wooden houses made ​​of rough log quite distinctive and easy on the eye.
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Glued laminated logs

Houses made of glued laminated logs.

оцилындрована колода
Wooden houses from glued beams have several advantages, but at the same time and disadvantages. This technology for more than thirty years, and it appeared through technology such as high-pressure bonding dry boards (slats).

The advantages of this technology are to fit rims density and low thermal conductivity. The main drawback is that, unlike solid timber, the integrity of the timber.
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