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Wooden bridges

Wooden bridges is an integral part of the spectacular landscaping in the garden. Wooden bridge can serve as an exclusively aesthetic function and functional.

If your garden is a pond or small stream, a wooden bridge will be a great addition to them. How nice pass over the water on a small carefully constructed bridge.

Some landscapes are dry creeks. In such streams is no water but only rock that mimic the shape of a stream of natural origin. This element of the landscape not only perfectly complements the garden, but also can serve as a drainage system in the lowland areas. Around the stream can plant plants loving moisture. Usually in this embodiment garden bridge will serve a decorative function, complementing the overall landscape.

Wooden bridges

Modern garden bridges made from different materials. Most wooden bridges. They are made of various decorative railings and carved elements.

Uses and arched garden bridge, which can be wide enough to have passed the two men side by side (the width of the bridge should not be less than two meters wide).


Wood bridge Wooden bridges made of solid hardwood such as teak, which will last for decades. An arched bridge (or humpbacked bridge) may be made ​​using carved railing, which looks especially well in the overall decor of the Garden.

In Japanese gardens, ponticuluses are some of the toughest elements. They executed perfectly and very aesthetically pleasing. Such bridges are performed as songs from bands and shapes. The main goal of a bridge in the Japanese garden considers the philosophical - built in unsuccessful place where you want to balance the energy.


Whatever bridge you choose for your Garden, remember that the easier it will be done, the more naturally it fits into the overall nature of the area.

Materials choose strong bridge should serve as long. And do not forget about the overall style of your site. The bridge should be united by a common idea with other small architectural forms in the garden - gazebos, arches, fountains, etc..


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