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Round logs

Houses made ​​of round logs

Houses ​​of round logs
Round logs - probably the best building material in the construction of wooden houses. This is due to many factors, one of which - the environmental impact. In contrast to laminated board, there is no adhesive components. These houses do not require artificial cooling, because the tree all the time "breathes". The volume of air flowing through the walls, is 30% or more. House of logs supports optimal indoor humidity and oxygen balance. The tree also has a low thermal conductivity. As the cold winter and in the summer in a house are equally comfortable. This material is very popular in the construction of a variety of log cabins: private wooden houses, restaurants, hotels, spas, gazebos and many other objects.

Another important factor - the look of wooden houses made ​​of logs. This framework resembles a tower of the old children's story. Demands on the quality of wood for logs are very strict. Deadwood is not allowed. Round logs are made from living trees. The raw materials for round logs can be used most diverse timber, but as a rule, in our latitudes, use pine.

Before the beam gets to the site, it goes through several stages of processing.

Stages of production logs the following:
- Sort of timber diameter;
- CNC Machining for the particular coat and;
- Cutting the longitudinal groove compensation;
- Cutting the longitudinal groove bottom (sometimes monthly or semi-circular shape, trapezoidal)
- Saws in the machine and making preparations required length
Finally timber treated with special, so-called transportation antiseptics.

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