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Arbours, pergolas

Pergolas, trellis and arches, over the centuries, been used in the design of the garden. Today, interest in them is updated, especially popular nowadays Landscape structure - pergola that its elegance and practicality won the hearts of gardeners.

Pergolas, trellis arbour a decorative design, which consists of a wooden or metal frame with a flat or spherical surface. In the composition of the garden pergola is an element that emphasizes the place of rest and creates the effect of solitude.

Properly placed arbour combines various garden areas and organizes space protected from the burning rays of the sun. Pavilions can be installed on the lawn and courtyard.

The result is a comfortable, inaccessible winds getaway. Usually pergola plant around wild grapes, hops, honeysuckle, drevohubtsem, roses, wisteria and grapes.


Pergolas, trellis serve several functions
- used as support for lianas (climbing plants);
- to shade certain areas;
- to separate the garden.


The main function performed by the arbour is to create a "live" band and providing pedestrian zones between the garden. The main role of arbours - serve as a support for a variety of climbing plants. This garden design not only serves exquisite decoration area, but also creates a pleasant coolness and shade, protecting against wind and prying eyes.

arbour Wooden arbour will look great in any part of the garden, but often it is set on the garden paths. If you want to create in their courtyard cozy "green a room", which will attracts coolness and comfort pergola - perfect option. Enhance effect help garden furniture.

The shape of arbour may be rectangular or arch. Rectangular arbour draws its simple design, but the arch stands out for its elegance and ease. Wooden pergola blends into any design area, it looks great even without vegetation and perfectly complements the natural ensemble Garden.

Trellis Trellis - landscape support, made ​​of wood or metal in the form of openwork lattice walls lined with decorative climbing plants. Trellis attached to walls or make as a separate structure, with which you can restrict any area of ​​the garden, close unsightly buildings or highlight area.