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Profiled beam

Houses made of profiled beam

Profiled beam Profiled beam - eco-friendly material, as well as round logs is one hundred percent solid wood. In the manufacture of such a bar do not use any glue or other chemicals. Due to the special shape of the profile it is superior to round logs for warmth. If compared to laminated board, then shaped timber is intact internal structure of the tree, so that the house "breathe". Even with the doors and windows closed, the air in this wooden house is always clean, fresh, and full of flavor tree.

Profiled beam produced in a special, very accurate equipment, thus maintained the correct forms and clear lines. Beam profile is specially designed so as to eliminate the possibility of rainwater, which in turn is an excellent protection against decay. Due to the high precision manufacturing equipment adheres to the perfect fit of parts of the framework, as well as completely smooth surface of the walls. Perfect fit prevents gaps from shrinkage and improves the thermal insulation properties of the wooden house from a bar, and the smooth surface of the wall to save on grinding.

Profiled beam house Log cabins homes from profiled beam are easy to install. Conclude Profiled beam is much easier than conventional round logs. Thanks to the special design of the castles compound angles are not displaced. Additional fixation bars are pegs, screws and studs special contraction. As a result of the wooden house shaped timber is built much faster and with less effort than conventional neprofilovanim timbers.


The advantages of the profiled beam are the following factors:
- Timber does not contain glue and other chemicals, so that environmental and retains all the properties of wood, ie, regulates the humidity in the house,
- Clears the air and creates a favorable microclimate;
- Has excellent thermal insulation properties;
- Due to special drying timber is the optimum moisture content (20%);
- Wall surface is smooth and ready to finish;
- Easy and quick assembly.