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WoodExpert offers products of wood (pine, alder, linden, beech, ash, maple, oak) products. Available Edged / unedged, wet / dry board, kleeny beams, wall paneling. Any section on your order.

Lumber divided into species:

- Edged board. Called because it is so that the process of cutting the logs are cut along the edge of the covered crust. The board has a smooth surface, without the crust. And the market is more than a buying, compared to the cut board. Edged boards are not only used for internal maintenance, but also to the outside. It applies to the production of shelves, ceilings, partitions. Material for trim boards are pine and spruce, are coniferousbreed.

- Unedged board. Cut along the edging board, but the crusty edges are not removed. Material for trimming serve as conifers and deciduous. Standard thickness - 25mm, 40mm, 50mm. length - 3 m and 6 m unedged board need to work where there is no need for decorative - paneling, roof sheathing, decking - in short, do not require compliance with the parameters of aesthetics.

- Glued laminated timber. Homeland kleenogo timber - Finland. At present, the CIS is very popular. In the laminated board is very low moisture content (10-12%), so using "running" of the material is possible. Glued laminated timber provides high quality face, he is not subject to shrinkage and does not form cracks. Produce laminated board, pinning eight pre-treated boards. On the lower and upper surface of lumber has ridges and grooves.

-Timber. Make spray along. Pack of four storinrozpilyuyut. Use timber for walls, windows, roofs, doorways, logs for flooring. Beam quality depends on the production technology.

- Molded board. Molded board - another name cladding boards. In the past it was used for wall wagons. Use cladding boards for exterior and interior surface of the tree. From its predecessor, lining is very different both in quality and technology in the manufacture.


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