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Wooden garden furniture

Wooden garden furniture Garden for us - a big open house, which is why it is so important to have it separated locations and viewing platforms to experience the value elements of the landscape, a place to communicate (gazebo, patio, etc.).. Virtually any park includes numerous benches rotunda, bridges over ponds. It is created in order that we may enjoy relaxing watching the scenery of nature. We all occasionally need solitude and quiet. Private house or suburban area - the perfect place to relax in the lap of nature. To help those who want to be close to nature, but can not afford to forget about the appropriate level of comfort, come wooden garden furniture. With these interior infield harmony leads to the desired style and mood.

benches Wooden garden furniture – it's not just benches, chairs and table. Tree lets your imagination roam - chairs and armchairs, decorative screens, swings, benches, garden cabinet - boxes for flowers, various utensils - and this is not an exhaustive list. Beautiful garden headsets or massive bench, carved screen or a small wooden box - wood furniture can become highlight garden, made in any stylistic decision.

Tree - an environmentally friendly material.
Rain, sun, wind affecting the tree is not the best way. Therefore, the natural surface from time to time to handle stains and varnish.

Гойдалки (Качелі) We will make for you:
- Garden sets (table and chairs, benches);
- Benches
- Swings
- Chairs
- Deckchairs
- Garden lockers
- Chests
- Boxes for flowers
- Decorative Items


Boxes for flowers
Advantages of wooden garden furniture:

- natural;
- strength;
- durability.

Key features: Durability and moisture resistance. When finding under the roof, with good ventilation garden furniture serve indefinitely. Includes pores oily substances that prevent the absorption of moisture and swell.

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