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Wooden stairs

Wooden stairs Production of wooden stairs.
Stairs made ​​of natural hardwood trees (oak, ash) - worthy exquisite interior decoration.

Traditionally one of the most reliable, durable and spectacular in any interior staircase is considered from solid oak and ash. Stairs array flawless in operation and did not lose their attractive appearance. This is an ideal solution for multi-room cozy.

Stairs array zabizhnymy of degrees, not only easy to operate but also saves valuable space in the home. To ensure long life design, construction of stairs with solid oakconducted with strict observance of technology.

construction of wooden stairs Wooden stairs of our company — This individual approach doosoblyvosteyVashoyi oseliz into account your wishes and style. Our knowledge, experience and equipment will produce for you a reliable, quality and convenient steps that will decorate the interior for years to come .

Construction of stairs
Stairs can manufacture of oak, beech, ash or other type of wood of your choice. We pryminyayem quality imported materials (glues, paints, etc.).. We offer wooden staircase on kosourov, stringer or combined option.
Additional Services

More can also be given to fencing, railing at the entrance, exit, on the floors and Stairs on the other side of the stairs, carvings, columns, railings, pidshodynky, playgrounds, on the end panels overlap, etc.


Все подробности купить двухсторонний скотч здесь.