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TECHNOLOGY and stages of construction of wooden houses.

1. Creating a personal project

plan Design wooden house - a very important step, and often a significant event in the life of man. Everyone aspires to reflect in the project to continue his personality, a certain style, better match his lifestyle. Quality, properly selected for your site project - first and foremost ensure that you get a really reliable and comfortable home.
Designing the company WoodExpert place in several stages. First, experts study topography and characteristics of the land on which the building will be carried out, based on measurements carried out. Due to the preliminary study area, you can be sure that with time the shrinkage of soil, cleaning the basement and the other troubles you will not be disturbed.

then created the idea of ​​the project, a preliminary sketch. At this stage, the main task of the architect is to take into account all the wishes of the customer and bring them to life, not only the height of the building, materials, number of rooms, wall thickness, and number of family members, their age, hobbies.

Projekt It is known that for the comfort of a person requires 30-40 square meters of floor area. If the area is greater than 40 square meters, a person uncomfortable to live in this house. Smaller area create a sense of tightness, discomfort, in human psychology is an important factor in her success in life and vigor. Thus, when choosing the size of the wooden house and planning should take into account the number of people who live in it.
Individual wooden house is different from the resolution of residential apartments and economic zones. In turn, the living area is divided into day and night. In single-story homes, this division is rather conditional, but if derevenomu house has two or more floors, zoning inland home happens by accident.
Usually, a two-story wooden house area overnight stay is on the second floor or in the attic. It includes a bedroom, children's and dressing rooms. Also in the area are usually placed overnight sanitary facilities. It links up with balconies, which are used for evening entertainment.
Classical day zone wooden house consists of living room with a total fireplace, kitchen, dining room and a guest bathroom. To residential areas attached wooden veranda or terrace, which in warmer months, is a great place for rest and recreation.
In the design of the wooden house is also important to consider the scenario of your home entertainment. In this case, the real issue will be immediately comfortable and functional place for barbecue, children's playground and mini-pool.

designing your home, consult the architects who specialize in wood construction. Once they have enough experience, which will choose the most comfortable height ratio steps, sizes and floor space, the relative positions of rooms and areas, ceiling height, the size of windows and other architectural elements designed to create a harmony of your inner world to the place where you are going to live .
Ratio of various architectural elements are important to your psychological and physical comfort. The neglect of these rules may lead to the fact that you will not be comfortable and uncomfortable in your svizhozbudovanomu wooden house.

very important to check the customer vision of the future wooden house with the technological and architectural features of the material chosen.
It should be noted that the examples of wooden houses and cottages are located in various magazines and catalogs are usually printed with a deliberate change in size and area of ​​a room, and often do not show the specific features and possibilities of wood as a building material, especially the design decisions that must be followed in the design. Therefore, they can roglyadaty only as the base case from which to push off.
On the basis of preliminary planning is visualization of the project. Full 3-D presentation will allow you to walk directly through the rooms, arrange the furniture, to make adjustments to the project to visualize a future life in it.

In the final step the working draft, which takes into account all the nuances buivnitstva is the height of the walls, ceilings, etc. perestinki number, for reduced or move them after construction without aesthetic loss would be almost impossible.

thus creating individual project wooden house will allow you to realize your home exactly the way you imagine - to the smallest detail.

2. Discussion and refinement of materials and components, some work


Once the design of the future home (bath or arbor) is compatible with the client, is a detailed estimate of construction with a list of all work and materials. WoodExpert company has facilities to carry out the full production cycle - from timber and to commissioning "turnkey". Therefore, at this stage, the discussion and clarification - what kind of work should be done, what materials will be used to coordinate the timing of construction, the specifics of payment and so on.
As practice shows, often construction companies and some "master" attract potential customers with promises to build a wooden house for a very low price.
The client agrees, without specifying details, and then in the process of construction is that the "low price" does not include a metal, a system to drain rainwater, snow guard, safety and fire protection coatings, installation of ceilings and floors, electricity and communications wiring, sanding and trimming the box, sealing joints, noise insulation, hydro-and vapor barrier materials, but, in turn, contain such unpleasant surprises as poorly fitted wall, too skinny thermal locks, the gap between the bars (especially in failure when these cracks zapinyuyut foam) deep longitudinal cracks in the uneven bars, because of the use of low-quality raw materials, hanging bars over doors and windows due to improper mounting and so on.
The removal of all these shortcomings requires significant investment, sometimes comparable to the cost of the construction is the sum, and in some cases completely impossible to fix them.
To avoid such misunderstandings, we provide customers detailed estimates for construction, are clearly specified in the contract all work, materials and their cost, deadlines, etc..

3. Manufacture of wooden boxes


House (sauna, garden, cottage, playground) is going on the project. A box of pre-prepared timber collected in a matter of weeks "under the roof." Capabilities of our equipment allows to produce polygonal-shaped bay windows, towers, and other complex elements.

for the construction company uses WoodExpert round logs of pine and spruce Vasnev production, a four to seven (maximum) meters.
Standard diameter logs, 160 mm, 180 mm, 200 mm, 220 mm, 240 mm, 260 mm. Through the use of high-precision cutters are trimming the bars, they are cut seats and longitudinal grooves compensation for stress relief occurring in the wood and prevent cracking. According to the selected project are cut so-called "cups" - sample logs to bind together (depending on the specific construction of the house).

Direct mounting wooden box is as follows: on the prepared foundation laid waterproofing coating (roofing felt), and tying a belt of rectangular foundations. On the foundations put polubrus first, and then the usual bars.
Between the tongue and groove seal logs is - felt or parka. Between a timber connected using special screws for which staggered with a definite step in the logs to make the holes.
Cutting plates for dressing logs are at the construction site. This approach allows for better pidgnaty logs together, and significantly reduces the production of the box.
For protection against pests and blue in the face in the process of construction, pre-treated timbers certified protectant Biosept Trans. Collected box again handled protective solution "Biosept-soil" and then covered with varnish atmofsfernimy type "Aquatex" different shades.

for protection and treatment of wood products manufacturers WoodExpert uses "REMMERS" and "Rogneda" the customer's choice.
Average duration of a two-story house manufacture boxes of 150 m2 in good weather conditions is 3-4 weeks, depending on the specific project.

4. Roofing works


Run time performance of roofing work includes installation of the wooden part of the roof, the roof insulation, roofing roofing material: the latter can be metal, natural tile, shingles, decking, etc., installation of drainage system.
Design and installation of roof structures - a difficult engineering problems and often flippant attitude to this stage of construction leads to unpleasant defects in buildings.

Icicles, leakage, freezing in winter, hot in summer, the attic, the occurrence of roofing material defects (discoloration, rust, etc.) - a few of the troubles that result from errors in the design and just poor quality roofing.

Roofing in any case, do not start without architectural drawings of your home, performed by a qualified technician. In turn, the design process should be properly taken into account your own wishes. Joining forces architect of your own vision, and skills of masters - the key for this is the roof.
During the design and installation of roof structures, we recommend to pay attention to the following points:
- select the type and color of roofing material;
- Selection of the roof drainage system;
- A way of fixing mauerlat (if their presence provided by the project);
- Ensure proper roof insulation and ventilation of a warming of the material;
- The size and placement of roof windows (very important to decide this before the installation of roof system, because then for the installation of roof windows need to either partially dismantle it or adapt to the step between the rafters;
- Accommodation operational access to the roof, Fire Safety, sealing in passageways vents through the roof structure;
- Selecting and installing snow guard;
- Installation of "Antiled" on potentially dangerous sites roof.

Thermal insulation of roofs

One of the biggest factors sprichnyuyut number of problems in the further operation of the building is inadequate or poor-quality insulation of the roof, and the insufficient ventilation a warming of the material, which leads to the accumulation of moisture, freezing, condensation, drafts, extra cost of heating your home.
In order to prevent the defects described above, you should remember the following:

- When installing the roof structure of the building heating loop must be closed, the nodes connecting various structural elements of the building, these are the thermal system must be securely insulated.

- Insulation must be properly matched, its thickness should be sufficient to protect the house against heat loss in winter and prevent overheating in the summer. It is worth noting that the most common are of stone wool insulation. Recommended thickness of insulation for buildings with year-round is 150-200mm. In order to be effective insulation or allow small gaps and cracks after installation of insulation. They need to be carefully douteplity and sealed. A combination of basalt mineral wool insulation and coil insulation, which also carries the role of The vapor repellent membrane of the heated space.

- Heater must be protected from moisture vapor from the heated room, condensation should be quickly removed from the heater by good ventilation and the use of one-way waterproofing vapor permeability.
Properly installed waterproofing membrane "helps" insulant rid of excess moisture and allows it to work effectively!

- The roof should have a constructive opportunity to ventilate the roof space, which is provided by the construction of roofing materials (shingles), or have the aeration device - ridge vent or vent fungi on the slopes of the roof.

Unfortunately completely bypass the use of metal beams and other metal components of the roof construction, passing through the insulation, it is usually impossible. This unfortunately results in a serious error - failure to comply with the requirements of the thermal resistance of the coating. Consequently, the thermal design was made entirely true, but for a simple model of the roof area. But, as the roof in most cases (80%) - are individual decisions, exceptions and special cases, and not typical of the design, calculation results in this case are not feasible.

Since power heating devices in the future indoor expect vrahovuyuyuchy standards of thermal resistance of structures, the basis of the results of taking the correct calculation and actually losing more. This forms a room in which wet and cold in winter and very hot in summer.
Very important is the vapor barrier roof. The desire to simplify the technology of laying a vapor barrier with a "roof pie" bottom-up leads to condensation in the roof construction, which means wet spots on the ceiling. It is extremely important to achieve tightness vapor barrier. Unfortunately, in practice, difficult places (adhesion to the walls, boxes, skylights, vent risers) are ignored designers roof. But, as a rule, the construction crew did not have sufficient experience and qualifications to perform such work without drawings and controls.
The above errors and deficiencies in the design of roofs is a fatal construction of marriage and as a result - the reconstruction of the existing roof and the additional financial costs.

5. Interior work


In your home should be cozy, comfortable and convenient. Interior finishing work, which is performed by our specialists include the full range of wood processing facilities. This includes preparing the walls for further painting, laying floors and so on.
Any finishing work on domestic dwellings require the most thorough and professional approach. More often, the rates for such work is unduly high. But we're having a lot of experience in such matters are ready at reasonable prices to provide the service.

Stage performance interior in a wooden house includes:
- sanding walls;
- grinding and milling ends;
- device floors and ceilings;
- Layout of utilities - water supply and drainage, electrical wiring, heating;
- Installation of baseboards, cashing and jointing strips;
- Installation of stairs;
- Grinding, sanding and varnishing wooden surfaces.


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